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wiki:class feats

Class feats


Frenzied blur

Song 2
Requires: Blurring Speed
Benefit: Reduce the cooldown and the minimum cooldown on Blurring Speed by one round
Normal: The minimum cooldown on Blurring Speed is 2 rounds

Leaf on the wind

Watch how I soar
Requires: Leap Attack
Benefit: Reduce the cooldown and the minimum cooldown on Leap Attack by 1 round. Reduce the action required for Leap Attack to Free
Normal: The minimum cooldown on Leap Attack is 1 round. The action required on Leap Attack is Swift

Minimal aperture

High battlefield awareness keeps everything in focus
Requires: Vent
Benefit: Once per round, you may use Vent as a Swift action
Normal: Vent always requires at least a Move action


Heart of the Squall
Requires: Hurricane
Benefit: Gain one additional use of Hurricane per day
Normal: You can only use Hurricane once per day

Wall of dust

Like opening a 10 year old computer
Requires: Cloud of Dust
Benefit: You may shape your Cloud of Dust as an unbroken wall in whatever shape you wish. The length of the wall is equal to the number of hexes in the area of the cloud
Normal: Your Cloud of Dust is cylindrical


Ancient remedies

Secret remedies
Requires: Heal Wounds
Benefit: When healing with Heal Wounds, you may spend a swift action to add 4d6 to the healing formula

Quick sphere

If you fall into the quicksphere, you're doomed
Requires: Sphere
Benefit: Reduce the required action of Sphere from Full to Standard. When using a Move action to maintain the sphere, you may move the sphere 15 feet
Normal: Sphere requires a Full action to create and a Move action to maintain

Swift defense

Swift as a coursing river
Requires: Defensive Stance
Benefit: You may use a Swift action to release up to 3 orbs for defending against attacks
Normal: A single action allows you to use a single orb


Child of the earth

You often forget where the earth ends and you begin
Requires: Burrow
Benefit: When burrowing, you can hide any evidence of your movements, including entry and exit. Gain a 6d6 bonus when attempting to leave no trace of your movements


Requires: Wall
Benefit: When creating a wall, you may insert a single bend in the wall of 60°
Normal: Walls must be a straight line

Earthen eyes

You just need to listen
Requires: Detect Lies
Benefit: By sensing vibrations in the earth and developing an extreme sensitivity to the presence of earth, you are able to see around you without use of your eyes. You can even detect the trace minerals present in creatures and even the dust swirling around you. You do not suffer any penalties from the Blinded condition or any condition which relies upon blocking sight. At ranges further than 120 feet, the detail you can see with this ability degrades rapidly


Show me what you got
Requires: Shift Earth
Benefit: When using Shift Earth, you may also move earth vertically, or rotationally
Normal: You may only shift earth horizontally


I tried to picture tremors in the earth, what did they look like?
Requires: Wall
Benefit: Instead of raising your wall from the ground, you may weave interlocking columns of earth, walking yourself forward as you go and leaving a wall of earth behind you. You move at the speed of your wall for as many segments as it takes to complete the length of the wall. The wall must originate at your current location and extend outward normally up to the maximum length
Special: Weaver increases the speed and maximum speed of the wall by 2H
Normal: The entire wall rises up from the ground simultaneously

Wrought stone

In my hands, stone becomes like hot iron
Requires: Stone Armor
Benefit: Stone armor is immediately available for use. Add 6d6 to the hit point formula
Normal: Stone armor becomes functional after one segment


Cosmic power

Darkness will soon be a distant memory
Requires: Nova
Benefit: The width of Nova increases to 15 feet
Normal: The width of Nova is 5 feet

Dragon's breath

Burn away all impurity
Requires: Breath
Benefit: Increase the range and maximum range of Breath by 20 feet
Normal: The maximum range of Breath is 20 feet

Heat sink

I've been tripping from sipping the dripping dirty water tap
Requires: Absorb Energy
Benefit: Extend the range you may absorb energy attack to 30 feet. The absorb intercepts the target instantly, drawing it toward you at a speed of 3H
Description: Before the energy attack can make it to its target, it is inexorably redirected toward you. As it moves toward you it converts into a bright white light
Normal: Absorb Energy only applies to attacks that target you


I see the light
Requires: Healing Light
Benefit: When you heal a target with Healing Light, all negative conditions are removed


Dancing strikes

Real sharpness comes without effort
Requires: Martial Attack - Unarmed Strike
Benefit: Increase the step taken during the attack from 10 feet to 15 feet. This step can be taken each time you attack with Unarmed Strike
Normal: The maximum step is 10 feet and can only be taken once per action

Deep pool

Your pool of ki overflows with magnificent brilliance
Requires: Ki Pool
Benefit: The size of your Ki Pool increases by 3

Martial savant

Why settle for being a jack of all trades?
Requires: Any Martial Attack
Benefit: You train in all three martial disciplines: Unarmed, Melee Weapon, and Ranged Weapon. You may use the other two Martial Attack talents as if they have the improvements of the Martial Attack you selected. You may apply formulas and improvements from the talent you selected. Additionally, you gain proficiency with 3 new weapons
Normal: You must take Martial Attack three times to be proficient in all three martial disciplines

Savage strikes

Tooth and claw, steel and stone
Requires: Martial Attack - Melee Weapon
Benefit: When making a melee weapon attack, you may spend a swift action to reroll 1's in a hit or damage roll


The decision to release the bowstring and the action of doing so must be simultaneous
Requires: Martial Attack - Ranged Weapon
Benefit: You may use both attacks in the same segment
Normal: You must use your attacks in separate segments



Zap, crackle, pop
Requires: Attract
Benefit: Increase the weight class of items you can levitate to Medium Load
Normal: You can lift an item no larger than a Light Load, based on your Intelligence score


They are going to be opening ketchup bottles for the rest of their lives
Requires: Mind Bloom
Benefit: When blooms are triggered inside non-living matter, the damage is doubled
Normal: The damage output is not based on location

Steadfast rampart

Iraade hain fauladi himmati har kadam
Requires: Rampart
Benefit: Increases the duration of Rampart to four segments
Normal: The duration of Rampart is two segments

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