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Pronunciation: (CARE-agh)
Homeworld: Carraghos
Empire: Carragh Union

The carragh are a strong and determined species, having a reputation for being brash and stubborn. In truth, their communities and personalities are as diverse as stones of the earth. Carragh inhabit the mountains, caves, and canyons of the world, organizing into small, tight-knit clans. They are dedicated to its honor and survival

Physical description

Carragh are similar in stature and form to Humans, except that they have stonelike skin, and are on average larger and taller than Humans. They have a mossy growth on their shoulders and jaw which resembles human hair. Carragh, like the baumeni, are genderless, but have generally masculine features. They usually live about 300 years but have been known to live much longer


Carragh The Carragh hold a deep respect for the baumeni, with a long history of peaceful relations. Their history with humans is strained but they generally approach humans as individuals, not as a whole. Their reaction to ulfar is usually bemusement, and their history with the ulfar is free of conflict


Carragh that stray from the mountains are usually part of a nomadic clan, though some do venture out on their own. Clans will often send their most charismatic as diplomats to neighboring communities. Orphaned carragh are often warmly welcomed into any clan they encounter, but an exiled carragh is often not welcome in other clans

Stone song

From birth, every Carragh can hear the “Stone Song”, the music of all things. In rare cases, other species that grow up with the Carragh and dedicate their lives to spiritual enlightenment claim to be able to hear the song. The Carragh describe the song as the music that the universe makes when it unfolds in time. The song features heavily in Carragh spirituality and is the reason so few laws are required within Carragh clans. As Carragh live their lives, they attempt to remain in harmony with the path that the Stone Song lays out before them

Species traits

Hit Point Formula: Res + 3d6 + 1
Built like a rock: +3 Strength or Resolve, +1 Dexterity
Medium: +1 bonus to grapple maneuvers against smaller targets
Movement Speed: Carragh have a base movement speed of 30 feet
Rolling Stone: When in contact with stony ground, carragh gain +10 movement speed
Structured Society: Carragh gain Diplomacy as a Skill Focus at level 1
Rock Solid: Carragh gain Athletics as a Skill Focus at level 1. Aeromancer carragh who take Glider Flying are not capable of taking on additional persons

Physical characteristics

Life Exp.280-320 years
Adulthood25-30 years
DietMinerals, Plants, Oils, Water
Eye colors (ordered by frequency)Slate, Sapphire, Amethyst, Garnet, Topaz, Emerald, Obsidian
Hair ColorMoss of any color and texture found in the world
Skin ColorIgneous, Sedimentary, or Metamorphic stones
Height Range (adult)6' 3” - 7'
Weight Range (adult)430-850 lbs
Size CategoryMedium
Base Movement Speed25 ft
Swim Speed15 ft
Burrow Speed (if applicable)35 ft


The Carragh are extremely dedicated to their clan, which is divided by ancestry. As the Carragh emerged, they exhibited physical characteristics and personalities based on the mineral compositions of the rock where they initially emerged

Jan anpa

The Jan Anpa, often referred to and “Anpans” (AHN-pah), were among the first Carragh to emerge in Terran prehistory. Their name is derived from the great depths at which they emerge, they are rarely born less than a mile below the surface. Anpans possess an odd pride over the depth of their birth, the deeper the better. Anpans are often condescending toward other Carragh; a common insult is “surface dwellers”

Anpans usually have deep Sapphire blue or Obsidian colored eyes. Lighter colored Slate eyes are rare but do occur. Obsidian colored skin is common but all variations do exist in the Jan Anpa. Anpans are on average larger and denser than other Carragh. Anpans are cheerful, proud, strong, and incredibly focused

The Jan Anpa built the city of Deirfiur shortly after emerging and that has been their home since. They have very few interactions with non-Carragh species, and relatively few interactions with other Carragh. When the Tawa Sike clan split the three first clans, fewer Jan Anpans joined in the exodus

Jan namako

The Jan Namako, often referred to as “Namaks” (NAH-mahk), were among the first Carragh to emerge in Terra's prehistory. Namaks are named for their outgoing personality, which is often seen as a bit crazy by other Carragh clans. Namaks are the black sheep of the Carragh clans and the most friendly towards the outside world. Of the few Carragh who willing to travel the outside world, Namaks are disproportionately represented

Namaks have brightly colored eyes of Emerald, Garnet, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Topaz. Very rarely Namaks have lightly colored Slate eyes, and not once has anyone seen a Namak with Obsidian eyes. Namak skin color runs the gamut, with the exception of Obsidian. Pumice and Sandstone are slightly more common than other colors. Namaks are friendly, outgoing, charismatic, and hospitable. Jan Namako produces many well known artists

The Jan Namako clan built the city of Dearthair early in terran prehistory and it has stood since that time. Historians guess that Jan Namako was the second of the first three clans and that Dearthair was built shortly after Deirfiur. When the Tawa Sike split from the first three clans, only the Namaks saw it as a positive event, with almost half of the Namaks leaving to form the new clan

Jan pimeja

Jan Pimeja was the third of the first three clans to emerge in terran prehistory. In the ancient Carragh tongue, “Pimeja” (PEE-may-ya) signified darkness, which is how the clan got their name. Historical records paint Early Pimejas as brooding and somber. Of all the clans, Jan Pimeja is perhaps the most changed since the emergence, at least by Carragh standards. Non-carragh species still see the Pimejas as stuffy and rigid

Despite their darker personality, their appearance is surprisingly light. Pimejas have eyes of lighter Garnet, Sapphire, Slate, Topaz, and Amethyst. Their skin color varies, though Granite, Marble, and Gniess are common

Jan Pimeja built the city of Athair significantly later than the other clans that existed at the time, in terra's Stone age. Athair became something of a capitol for the Carragh early on and still serves this purpose. It is also the most likely city in Sliabh for outsiders to have seen, and as such Pimejas are seen as a stereotypical Carragh

Jan seli

The Jan Seli clan emerged in terra's Iron Age, millions of years after the first three clans emerged, and around the same time that the Tawa Sike exodus. As a result of this and the physical proximity of the two clans, these clans have viewed each other as sister clans. The Seli (SEL-lee) took their name to describe their firey nature

Seli eye and skin color follow no particular pattern, though their eyes are said to burn with a distant light, and many Seli myths claim this fire is a small piece of Terra's core. Selis are least stable carragh emotionally and physically, they have the shortest lifespans of all Carragh. Selis are said to have hearts of molten lava, a small number of Seli are born with veins of molten rock covering their torso

The Jan Seli clan established the city of Sleta in the southern extremity of the Sliabh Mountains, though the city expands northward into the mountains in a vast and complex network of tunnels and smaller clans

Jan sona

The Jan Sona clan emerged in the early years of the Age of Blood, shortly before the Carragh of the Sliabh Mountains formed the nation of Sliabh. Sonas (SOW-nah) take their name from the ancient Carragh word for “wisdom”, which perfectly describes their disposition. Sonas are consummate philosophers and ascetics, seeing themselves as the spiritual guides of the Carragh

Sona eye colors are almost uniformly deep Slate, Sapphire, and Garnet. Their skin types vary but Sandstone is the most common, followed by Limestone. Sona are the longest living of the Carragh, often living longer than 300 years. They are friendly, wise, and quick to give advice. Sonas often travel among the other Carragh cities as philosopher bards. Sonas have an ancient relationship with the Baumeni, and a Baumeni in the city of Gaineamh is a common sight

The Jan Sona clan established the city of Gaineamh shortly after their emergence, in the northern extremity of the Sliabh Mountains. The city has a beauty which is hard to put into words

Lili mute

The Lili Mute are the youngest of the Carragh clans, and the most unique. When they emerged in the Ehkehki Mountains, they lacked all but the most basic intelligence. They formed a sign language early in their history, developing language significantly later. The blight caused them to abandon their mountains and go out into the world at large. Over time they developed intelligence but not before they were used as slave labor and treated horrendously. Eventually, laws began to pass protecting them in the lands they found themselves in, but only after their intelligence started to show, and after bloody uprisings took the lives of the majority of the clan. The clan never fully recovered, and is still the smallest clan

Lilis eyes are exclusively Slate, and their skin type is Claystone. They are smaller than other Carragh, and are closer to humans in their stature and build

Pali nena

The Pali Nena clan, often referred to as Nenas (NAY-nah), emerged in the sunset years of the Iron Age. They remained undiscovered until Humans colonized Fjallen Island. After meeting the humans that had built cities on the island's coast they did something no clan had done. They embraced the humans and formed the first and only interspecies clan

The Carragh of the Pali Nena clan have only Amethyst or Topaz eyes, though their brightness varies. Their skin is of no particular stripe, surprisingly diverse considering the limited composition of the Damhsa Mountains. The Nena are the most industrious of the Carragh, and love to create and build. Their artistic expression comes out in their building, though they never build anything that is not at least nominally functional and practical

The clan established the city of Sclata early in their history, and after discovering the humans, they built the first and only above ground Carragh city, Aolchloch

Tawa sike

The Tawa Sike clan is the only Carragh clan that is not actually comprised of a sub-species of Carragh. Instead, it is comprised of the Jan Anpa, Namako, and Pimeja. In the Iron Age, the Carragh species had something of a coming of age, where a large part of the population felt restless. Discord was rampant and unprecedented. The Jan Namako spearheaded a movement to strike out and make a new home in the southern mountains and comprised the largest portion of the Tawa Sike, and was the only clan to view the event as wholly positive

Sike (SEE-kay) are a mixed clan and their personalities did not change when they left their ancestral clans. Their music is a beautiful, clashing journey

Many of the new clan settled in Fainle, while others roamed the southern mountians. After ages of living nomadically, some of the nomadic Tawa Sike settled in the city of Brahamanda, and maintain a relationship with the Jan Seli clan to this day

Randomly generating characteristics

You may wish to randomly generate the physical characteristics of your character. To do so, you may use the following formulas

Age5d6 x 5 years
Height1d6 + 78 inches
Weight(36d6 x 2) + 390 lbs

Eye Color: Roll 4d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueEye Color

Skin Color: Roll 3d6 and use the table below

Dice ValueStone skin color
16Quartz monzonite

Art by Janna Bock

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