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 +====== Briste ======
 +**Pronunciation**:​ (BRIS-ta)\\
 +**Galactic Region**: [[galaxy:​galactic geography#​Perseus Arm]]\\
 +**Galactic Branch**: [[galaxy:​galactic geography#​Sikhara Branch]]\\
 +**Galactic Sector**: [[galaxy:​Sector N4|N4]]\\
 +**Star System**: [[Sol]]\\
 +**Planet**: [[Taisce]]\\
 +**Nation**: [[Aontact]]\\
 +**Coordinates**:​ 10° S to 74° S, 1° E to 159° E\\
 +This continent is comprised of the remaining pieces of land that were knocked up into the sky when the planet was sundered
 +{{ :​wiki:​locator_-_briste.png?​nolink |}}
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