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wiki:bheda island

Bheda island


Pronunciation: (BED-ah)
Galactic Region: Perseus Arm
Galactic Branch: Sikhara Branch
Galactic Sector: N4
Star System: Sol
Planet: Terra
Continent: Aimsir
Country: Fiadh
Related Cities: None
Related Geography: Yutakana Seas, Sinsear Islands
Land Area: 8,600 square miles
Length: 187 miles from north to south
Coordinates: 40° S, 115° W

A color map of Bheda Island

Island in the southwestern corner of the Yutakana Seas, south of Khan Island

Flora and fauna

  • Dove - Migrates from Bheda Island to Garha Island
  • Eagle - Found in the forested areas of the island
  • Firefly - Found throughout the island
  • Hawk - Found throughout the island
  • Komodo - Found throughout the island
  • Rabbit - Found across the island

A paper map of Bheda Island

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