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[ki spirit]

Pronunciation: (BAY-lihn)
Type: Sura
Element: Fire
Domain: Sikhara Branch
Awakening: 5.25B
Humanoid Forms: Human, Bheru
Animal Totem: Hyena

Belin is an ancient Sura of fire, born after Mori the Deva of Fire and the other ancient Suras, Agni, Delbae, Kajen, and Rheua. Belin is the Sura of destruction and vengeance, and has little to no regard for humanoid life, though he does respect power and strength even in mortal creatures. Belin is known to work under the direction of Mori, though he can chafe under her reserved methods


Belin's pure elemental form is a truncated tetrahedron. When appearing as his humanoid elemental form, he has a massive build. He frequently takes his animal form, which is a large hyena with black and red fur

When appearing as a humanoid, he typically prefers to appear as a middle-aged, male Bheru with red black and grey fur, red eyes, and a strong build. He wears no clothing in this for. As a human, he appears as an older young adult male with light skin, black hair, and red eyes. In this form he often wears close fitting clothing in dark colors. In his humanoid forms his eyes glow with soft red light. He is often seen carrying a hammer with a long staff for a handle and a long, hexagonal head made of dense stone with studs aligned along the six faces. Though this weapon is mostly symbolic due to Belin's raw power, he uses it whenever possible

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