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wiki:aotea module

The academy

This page contains spoilers for the AotEA module

This is the first adventure set in the Ardemare universe, and is intended for players that are new to the game. This module is appropriate for players of all levels of experience. This module is the opening chapter in a longer campaign, but can be easily adapted to serve as first leg your own adventure. The module begins with characters that are level 0, and levels the characters up to level 10


The characters have been admitted into one of the most exclusive and prestigious schools in the Ardemare, the Academy of the Elemental Arts, or Aotea (AY-oh-TAY-uh) for short. They will attend the school as applicants, training for one year before they will be accepted into the school as fully fledged students. As students, they will select a discipline and learn the fundamentals of binding for that discipline. After three semesters of education, the first year students participate in a tournament between the six houses, where only the winning house become second year students. The tournament is interrupted before the final match by an attack on the academy by a mysterious force. After the calamity passes, the Masters decide to proceed with the tournament. The module ends with a graduation ritual for the victorious students


Npc list


Academy Staff


Notable NPCs

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