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[historical kingdom]

Pronunciation: (ah-COW-s)
Continent: Saoirse
Present Day Nations: Teagh
Timeline: 57.7M BCE - 4.65M BCE
Coordinates: 62° N to 40° N, 81° W to 72° E

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In the eyes of the majority of historians, the history of Akkaus is synonymous with the history of the Ulfar. Akkaus was a kingdom formed in response to a growing threat, the humans that had colonized on the southern shores of Saoirse. At first, these humans were welcomed, but their rampant growth was quickly viewed as a threat, prompting the Ulfar to call the first ever tribunal, the largest gathering of Ulfar in one place ever and since

The Ulfar reluctantly approved of forming a federation of Ulfar which would later become a proper kingdom, though the unity of this kingdom was always shaky at best. The Ulfar lived in packs, and these packs would operate independently, paying little heed to the authority structure of the kingdom. This led to growth and colonies across the globe, although they were wildly successful at invading other kingdoms, they were quite poor at defending themselves against foreign forces

The Akkau would develop shipbuilding in response to Dearth'Jhaa's rampant growth on Saoirse, first forming colonies in Aeye and then invading Dearth'Jhaa in present day Koraha, and eventually obliterating the fledgling kingdom. They then expanded with colonies on Craic. When Khan'Laheeri took up residence in Dearth'Jhaa's abandoned territory, they conquered them as well. Much later, Akkaus would expand to the southern continent of Gael, and fight a war with Kalmar over its control, which they would lose. Following on the momentum of this loss, Sehti'taal would conquest against the Akkau cities in Aeye

In the Age of Blood the Akkau became extremely fearsome, raiding many cities just to destroy them, leaving abandoned ruins instead of expanding territory. They declared war on Aru'taal and conquered Khan'Laheeri, driving them back into their canyons and even destroying their so called impregnable stone fortresses. Historians of Akkaus would later explain the kingdom's actions as glory seeking and an expression of the Ulfar warrior spirit, though many modern historians interpret their behavior differently. The Akkau feared a global empire, which was in their mind the only force strong enough to destroy them on their home continent. Historians point to evidence that the pattern of Akkau raids shows that they attempted to sow chaos and weaken any kingdom with a strong edge

Ultimately the raids, combined with the allure of the untapped resources on Saoirse, prompted the Jhua'nen empire to invade Akkaus, scattering the Ulfar across the globe. The kingdom of Akkaus would never be reformed


  • 6.935B Years: The first Ulfar are born
  • 114M BCE: Ulfar population reaches ten thousand
  • 58.6M BCE: Dearth'Jhaa founds its first colony on Saoirse in present day Teagh
  • 57.7M BCE: Tribunal of Akkaus unites the majority of the Ulfar under one banner
  • 56.9M BCE: Akkaus develops shipbuilding
  • 52.1M BCE: Akkaus forms first colonies in Aeye
  • 50.2M BCE: Akkaus cripples Dearth'Jhaa and occupies the remains of the kingdom
  • 46.2M BCE: Akkaus founds its first colony on Naer, near present day Ciaro
  • 40.9M BCE: Akkaus invades Khan'Laheeri on the Korahan Coast
  • 39.3M BCE: Akkaus conquers the deserts of present day Koraha
  • 29.7M BCE: Akkaus founds the first colonies in present day Gael's north eastern coast
  • 22.6M BCE: Kalmar conquests the entire continent of Gael, destroying all Akkau cities
  • 18.5M BCE: Sehti'taal conquers Akkau cities in Aeye
  • 8.4M BCE: Akkaus declares war on Aru'taal
  • 6.5M BCE: Khan'Laheeri is conquered by the Akkau
  • 4.65M BCE: Jhua'nen conquers Akkaus and the Akkau are scattered across the northern hemisphere
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