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wiki:advent feats

Advent feats

Air adept


Make me a bird
Requires: Glider Flying
Benefit: Increase your hover speed and flying speed by 1H

Sonic boom

When in doubt, sonic boom
Requires: Shockwave
Benefit: Increase the dice bonus of the offensive formula by 1d6
Normal: The cap on the dice bonus for Shockwave is 4d6


I can see the leaves in the wind
Requires: Grasp the Wind
Benefit: Extend the duration of Grasp the Wind by 3 rounds. Additionally, you can sense enough detail to distinguish objects or creatures provided they have some significant phyisical difference


Dual spirit

Who is it that knows there is no ego?
Requires: Bind Air or Bind Water or Bind Earth or Bind Fire
Benefit: You may summon an elemental twice per day
Normal: You may only summon an elemental of a specific type once per day

Aperture control

The stomach detour is critical
Requires: Bind Air or Bind Water or Bind Earth or Bind Fire
Benefit: When creating an elemental, you may increase or decrease the hit points required to summon an elemental, increasing or decreasing your control over the elemental

  • Increase the hit points required to create an elemental by 10 hit points per 1d6 you sacrifice. You may direct your elemental's basic actions as a free action
  • Decrease the hit points required to create an elemental by 5 hit points per 1d6 you sacrifice. This elemental may not benefit from Spirit Bond

Normal: When you create a [water] elemental, for each 25 hit points your character has, reduce your maximum and current hit point total by 1d6
Special: Using this feat, it is possible to lose all your hit points when creating an elemental, giving yourself the dying condition


Augury of the eternal sun

I am the darkness and the light
Requires: Golden Augury
Benefit: You gain an additional 2d6 when rolling Golden Augury
Normal: Golden Augury is capped at 4d6

Divine eye

There is no time, there is only a eternal now
Requires: Foresight
Benefit: Reduce the cooldown on Foresight by 1 round and lower the minimum cooldown by 1 round
Normal: The minimum cooldown of Foresight is 1 round

Waxing moon, waning sun

We are men of action, lies do not become us
Requires: Boon of Action or Boon of Reaction, Cleromancer level 4
Benefit: Once per day, add 6d6 to a skill roll on which you have advantage


Natural born healer

Nobody can stop fate
Requires: Natural Healing with maximum dice bonus
Benefits: Increase the dice bonus of the healing formula to 6d6
Normal: The dice bonus maximum is 3d6

Earth adept


Speak softly
Requires: Cudgel
Benefit: Summoning the cudgel requires a standard action, and has Res x 2 + 12d6 additional hit points
Normal: Summoning the cudgel requires a full action


Who has two fists of stone and no time for people who try to run?
Requires: Stone Grip
Benefit: As a full action, you may peform Stone Grip and create a second stone hand which affects a second target within 40 feet of your primary target
Normal: Stone Grip is a standard action and only creates one stone hand



In order to defeat your enemy, you must first understand them
Requires: Pacify
Benefits: When not in combat, the duration of pacify is greatly extended, multiplied 150 times. For each segment of the normal duration, the duration becomes 5 minutes
Normal: The duration of Pacify is the same in and out of combat


I'm telling you that baseball card is the answer
Requires: Charmed Soul
Benefits: Increase the uses per day of Charmed Soul by one and reduce the cooldown by 6 rounds

Fire adept

Botanic affinity

The botanical man
Requires: Photosynthesis
Benefit: You can gain all your needed nutrition from the star's light. This requires spending at least 20 hours in direct starlight (sunlight) per week, distributed in any configuration. You can hold enough energy for two uses of Astral Field

Combat training

Do not decide to step before you do it
Requires: Advanced Dueling, Intelligence score of 13
Benefit: Select three Fire Adept talents that require Full actions. Reduce the requirement to a Standard Action for the selected talents



Sorry Maury, I'm not a gymnast
Requires: Grasping Vine
Benefit: You may pull two small creatures instead of one medium. You may add 20 feet to the range when using Grasping Vine to move. When defending you may block two attacks if they are both within the same segment. When grasping objects you may grab two separate objects

Barrel rider

I come from under the hill
Requires: Oaken Bauglin, Small creature size
When growing from its seedling, your Oaken bauglin creates a chariot style opening in its upper back and head, allowing you to ride atop your bauglin. While in this cockpit, you receive cover and your bauglin can defend any attack that targets you

Stinging nettles

You cant fight nature
Requires: Nettle
Benefit: Your fey bauglin's nettle attacks are laced with pheromones that prevent the target from attacking they fey bauglin for four segments
Special: The duration stacks if hit by multiple nettle attacks

Tunnel vision

Strange seed
Requires: Stalker
Benefit: Creatures designated as a target of your Stalker ability take additional damage when attacked. Each time the creature takes damage, it takes 6d6 additional damage
Special: Attacks that deal their damage over time only apply the additional damage once


So many people to kill, so little time
Requires: Sundew
Benefit: When you apply the Occular or Numbing poisons with Sundew, you also apply Necrotic poison



but not unwritten
Requires: Locus
Benefits: You develop the skill to invoke all runes without audible incantations
Normal: Runes have a verbal invocation


but not misunderstood
Requires: Locus
Benefits: You develop the skill to invoke all runes without their somatic component
Normal: Runes require hand gestures


Flying under the radar
Requires: Locus
Benefits: You develop the skill to invoke all runes with a smaller visual component, roughly the size of your palm
Normal: Runes have a visual component more than 9 times the size of your palm



Unless the enemy has studied, he's a leaper
Requires: Jete de Chat
Benefit: Three times per day as a free action, you may reset the cooldown on Jete de Chat


Temperature rising
Requires: Captivate
Benefit: Pay a swift action to gain a 1d6 bonus on your Ability Check for Captivate

Astral traveler

A little far afield
Requires: Astral Projection
Benefit: Double the range and duration of your Astral Projection
Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Each time you take this feat, it doubles the range and duration of your Astral Projection


I have a fax of Shakespeare's signature
Requires: Sensuous advent feat
Benefit: You gain the benefits of the Fascimile talent. Using Illusion with the benefits of Fascimile imposes a 12 round cooldown on Illusion
Special: You are not considered to have the Fascimile talent for requirements or talent improvements

Grand illusion

My intention has only been to entertain, nothing more
Requires: Illusion advent feat
Benefit: You gain one additional use of illusion per day, and your illusions gain an additional 7 hexes of maximum size

Perfect projection

Remarkable self image
Requires: Astral Projection
Benefit: You are able to make your projections appear real. Attempts to detect a fraud pit your Perform skill against their Perception


Relating to or affecting the senses
Requires: Illusion
Benefit: You gain the benefits of the Sensuous talent
Special: You are not considered to have the Sensuous talent for requirements or talent improvements



Power Word: Shield
Requires: Divine Aegis
Benefit: Add Res x 3 + 6d6 to the Barrier formula, making the base formula Res x 9 + 12d6
Normal: The base formula for Barrier is: Res x 6 + 6d6


A bright flash, a sudden and divine light
Requires: Sacred Geometry
Benefit: The required action of Sacred Geometry is reduced to Swift. The entire vision is reduced to a single segment regardless of how many related memories you expeirence
Normal: Sacred Geometry requires a Full action, and evoking related memories adds one segment to the experience for each memory

Fortunate soul

Do they help me? Yes they do
Requires: Celestial Bridge or Sacred Geometry
Benefit: When you connect to the memories of the Ki Spirits, you also access the memories of the Suras and Devas, if they exist
Normal: You access the memories of the Atua when using Sacred Geometry. You access the the departed through the Sura when using Celestial Bridge


Audience, we need some help for (player)
Requires: Celestial Bridge
Benefit: When using Celestial Bridge, you may ask a question of the deceased spirits in your branch of the galaxy. You form a connection with whichever spirit is most motivated to answer the question
Normal: When using Celestial Bridge, you target a specific deceased spirit


The galaxy itself cannot contain me
Requires: Silver Planet
Benefit: Silver Planet gains an additional charge that can be used to charge other tattoos
Normal: Silver Planet has one charge that can be used to charge other tattoos



A stitch in time saves nine
Requires: True Death, Alter Memory
Benefit: At your option, altered memories do not return to their normal state. If you do not opt to alter the memories permanently, they return to their normal state according to the normal rules of Alter Memory
Normal: Altered memories eventually return to their normal state


These new memories may be disturbing
Requires: Neamhni Level 4, Erase Memory or Alter Memory
Benefit: When erasing or altering memories, you may place a mental trigger to delay the implementation of the alteration until the trigger occurs. Additionally, you can set a trigger to cause the memories to revert to their normal state when the trigger occurs
Special: The triggers must apply to all of the alterations or erasures
Normal: Erased or altered memories are immediately affected and revert after the normal duration

True death

The last time your name is spoken
Requires: Neamhni Level 4, Erase Memory
Benefit: At your option, removed memories do not return. If you do not opt to remove the memories permanently, they return according to the normal rules of Erase Memory
Normal: Erased memories eventually return


Cold front

The claw's only weakness
Requires: Endothermy talent
Benefit: Reduce the cost of Endothermy to a Standard per round channeled
Normal: Endothermy requires a Full action per round channeled


Join our army of the dead
Requires: Curse Touch talent
Benefit: When the target creature spends the free Standard action granted to them by Curse Touch, they must make a second shock roll
Normal: Creatures affected by Curse Touch only perform a shock roll when initially hit by the attack


Like snow upon the desert's dusty face
Lighting a little hour or two - is gone
Requires: Flicker talent
Benefit: Reduce the action cost of Flicker to Move
Normal: The action cost of Flicker is Standard


Everyday something has tried to kill me and failed
Requires: Phantom Touch or Vocalize or Phasing talent
Benefit: Double the duration of Phantom Touch, Phasing, and Vocalize


Temporal overload

Power overwhelming
Requires: Grand Seer talent
Benefit: You may target an unwilling creature with which to share your visions of the future or the past. Make a Resolve vs Resolve Opposed Check. If you are successful, the target sees the vision along with you
Normal: You may only share a temporal vision with a willing creature


The incense burned my nostrils, and my senses flared with sudden lucidity
Requires: Seer Level 4
Benefit: When you view the future or past in a Seer vision, or when you use the Transcend feat, you can also smell, hear, touch, and taste within the vision. You are also able to move within the vision, though this movement only occurs within the vision
Special: You can use your senses in visions that are shared with you
Normal: Seer visions are only visual, and you cannot move within a vision



Without restraint, without control, emotion is chaos
Requires: Stasis talent, Equilibrium feat
Benefit: The temporal effects of Stasis do not effect members of the Triad. Reduce the required action of Stasis to a Move action
Normal: The members of the Triad are also affected by the temporal effects of Stasis


What are you doing? I'm rearranging my desk
Requires: Trident Level 4, Stasis talent
Benefit: The temporal effects of Stasis are extended to two segments. In non-combat situations, the effects are extended to three segments
Normal: The temporal effect of Stasis lasts for one segment

Enduring bond

A trust unyeilding, faith everlasting
Requires: Trident Level 4, Synergy talent
Benefit: When using Synergy, its range and duration are tripled

Feral bond

I'm awake, I'm awake
Requires: Trident Level 4, Synergy talent
Benefit: When using your link to see through the eyes of your bond, you may also experience all your bond's senses
Normal: Only sight is transferred through the link


Hey, Listen!
Requires: Trident Level 4, Link talent
Benefit: You may choose how to divide the damage diverted when using Link. Additionally, you may reduce the damage by 3d6
Normal: The damage is diverted to the other two members of the triad evenly

Water adept


In defense of the gods
Requires: Pillars
Benefit: At your option, you may raise 9 or 12 pillars, instead of 6. The pillars rise as follows:


No good to anyone if you're dead
Requires: Restoration
Benefit: Once per day, when you heal another creature with a heal that does not already affect you, you may also apply the healing to yourself

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