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skill (dexterity)

Acrobatics deals with balancing, twisting, tumbling, precision jumping, and escaping bindings. It can be used for any physical, moving action that requires skill. This skill family is solely dependent on your physical Dexterity. Below are some common uses and their associated difficulties


When attempting to make an acrobatics check, if any of the conditions in the table below exist, the check should be made at disadvantage, or increase the difficulty by one, depending on the severity (GM Discretion)

Surface is obstructed (gravel, sand, rubble)
Surface or grip is slippery with water or ice
Surface is severely inclined or declined
The surface is unsteady, such as a boat in rough water)
Target location is moving
Moving at your full speed while using Acrobatics


You can use Acrobatics to move (or balance) on narrow surfaces and uneven ground without falling. A successful check allows you to move at half speed across such surfaces — only one check is needed per round. If you take damage while using Acrobatics, you must immediately make another Acrobatics check at the same DC to avoid falling or being knocked prone. Below are examples of balancing difficulties

Surface WidthDifficulty
6 inches wide or widerEasy
2-6 inches wideModerate
0-2 inches wideHard

Escape bindings

Using deft movements and mysterious methods, you are able to free yourself from bindings or tight spots. This action does not involve lock picking or breaking the bonds by strength

Rope/bindingsContested by binder's Rope Work
Net, Tangled vines, etcModerate
Tight spaceModerate
Metal CuffsNear Impossible

Action: Standard Action
Try Again: Yes

Jumping (precision)

Jumping (Precision) is a separate skill from Jumping (Athletics) and relates to the skillful leaping and placement of your feet or other appendages in exact places, either to gain leverage or to avoid treacherous terrain. Precision jumping applies any time you are attempting something other than a straightforward jump, or to land on a target area more specific than a five foot square

If making a precision jump of a distance up to five feet, you may simply make a Precision Jump check. Jumps over 5 feet that require a precise landing must be accompanied first by an Athletics Jump check to ensure that you are capable of making the distance

Target SizeDifficulty
3 foot circle or moreEasy
6 inch to 3 foot circleModerate
2-6 inch circle, landing on a ropeHard
Less than 1 inch circleNear Impossible

Notes: Circle measurements are diameters

Action: Jumping is always a part of a move action or as a reaction
Try Again: No


This covers general acrobatic endeavors from somersaults to aerials, or any other maneuver your player might dream up

Manuever ExampleDifficulty
Somersault, CartwheelEasy
Handstand, Aerial, Flips, Swinging on bars, leaping up from proneModerate
High landings, Long combinations of flips, complex parkourHard
Cinematic action sequences, dodging arrowsNear Impossible
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