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 **Pronunciation**:​ (DAHG-er)\\ **Pronunciation**:​ (DAHG-er)\\
 **Location**:​ [[galaxy:​galactic geography#​Galactic Core]], [[galaxy:​Sector H10]]\\ **Location**:​ [[galaxy:​galactic geography#​Galactic Core]], [[galaxy:​Sector H10]]\\
 +**Empire**: [[galaxy:​Nahkon Empire]]\\
 **Radius**: 2,552 miles\\ **Radius**: 2,552 miles\\
 **Surface Area**: 82M square miles\\ **Surface Area**: 82M square miles\\
 **Volume**: 70B cubic miles\\ **Volume**: 70B cubic miles\\
-**Circumference**:​ 16,030 miles\\+**Circumference**:​ 16,035 miles\\
-{{ :​galaxy:​locator_-_dagr.png?​nolink |}}+{{ :​galaxy:​locator_-_dagr.png?​nolink |A paper map of the region surrounding the Dagr star system}} 
 +==== Timeline ==== 
 +  * **4,​834,​400,​633**:​ Out of the firey explosion of [[wiki:​Kajen|Kajen'​s]] birth, Dagr is born 
 +  * **4,​895,​463,​114**:​ The planets of the Dagr star system are formed by [[wiki:​Qijen]],​ the planetary smith 
 +  * **4,​895,​472,​079**:​ Planetary oceans in the Dagr star system are formed by [[wiki:​Namu]],​ Sura of the seas
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